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Quickly and easily build a messaging app on our free hosted platform.
The Toolkit provides a scalable and highly available platform and free support.
Along with all of the standard features you see in other messaging products you’ll have access to our unique features including MagicWords, MultiChat, which lets users see two conversations on the same screen at once, and QuickSwitch, which allows them change chats easily with one click. 


The Messaging SDK is free to use . Contact us for more information

Take a look under the hood of our open SDK.

Create a message and send it to all members of the conversation.

// Send text message to the conversation object
- (void)sendMessage:(NSString *)message
    [self.client sendTextMessage:message 
                       inContext:[[IDTMContextManager sharedManager] mainContext]];

// Send JPG image to the conversation.
- (void)sendImage:(NSData *)image
    [self.client sendAttachment:UIImageJPEGRepresentation(image, .5)
         withPlaceHolderMessage:nil ofMimeType:@"image/jpeg" 
                     // update UI
// Send the message to the conversation
AppManager.getConversationManager().sendMessage("CONVERSATION_ID", "hello world!");


// Implement and register ConversationListener to receive messages from the backend.
ConversationListener cl = new ConversationListener() {
    public void onMessagesStored(String conversationId, List<ChatMessage> messages) {
        // display the new messages here
// set the listener to the conversation manager