Beer Gardens & Breweries – East Coast Addition

Beer Gardens & Breweries – East Coast Addition

A few weeks ago we were back in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY. It was hot and humid – the only real option was to go out and explore a few of the new breweries and beer halls which have opened in recent years.

Our first stop Saturday afternoon was at Strong Rope Brewery in Gowanus, it’s a tiny little brewery. The beers were good and they offer most of them in small tasting sizes so that you can try them all without getting completely sloshed (this is great when you have several more stops to go!). They also have a guest cider on tap for your non-beer loving friends.

After a few tastes at Strong Rope we wandered a several blocks over to Threes Brewing. Threes is in a much larger space and has a big beer garden in the back with a second bar and plenty of seating. They offer a full bar with their own beers on tap plus a number of beers from other great breweries and mixed drinks. They also partner with The Meat Hook, a local butcher to provide snacks and food – useful for soaking up the beers.

The bar itself is really nice. The bright tanks are visible behind the sliding shelves where the spirits are stored and the various beers are poured at 3 different temperatures to ensure the best flavor for each beer. I’m pretty sure serving the beer at the proper temp is wasted on me but I love the look of the bar and the care they pay to serving it.

We sampled a few beers and decided to stick around for dinner (and more beers) – the burgers were good and so were the fried green onions.

Our next stop was at Ample Hills Creamery for ice cream. They don’t sell beer but they do have an ice cream made with Makers Mark.

On Sunday we worked our way over to KBH, The Koelner BierHalle, for pretzels and a few more samples. We got in a few games of pool and sipped on more beers. KBH is a German style beer hall, it’s kid friendly and has lot of games (arcade and board) to entertain the young and not so young.  They are heavy on the German beers but feature a good mix from around the world.

After that we were off to Newark, NJ for part 2 of our adventures in beer.

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