Getting going on a Friday night

Getting going on a Friday night

At the end of a long week it can be tough to decide if you want to go out for a beer or stay in and sleep. No, that’s a lie, beer is always the right choice. But, sometimes, it helps if that beer provides a bit of a pick-me-up – enter Motobrewer’s Coffee Porter!

Motobrewer is a San Francisco based homebrewer and the Coffee Porter is made with Jacob’s Wonderbar from Philz. The chocolaty-nutty flavor of the coffee, which is made using the cold brew method to make it a bit smoother and less acidic, blends perfectly with the chocolaty-coffee flavors in the porter. It’s sort of like drinking a mocha, but less sweet and with a decent amount of booze (yay booze!)

There isn’t enough coffee in the beer to actually keep you awake but the coffee flavor does come through and offers that much needed boost to carry you through a few more rounds.

A small disclaimer – I am married to the Motobrewer, so could possibly be considered a tad biased when it comes to the excellence of his beer. Having said that, Coffee Porter consistently gets rave reviews and on the (rare) occasions I haven’t liked one of his beers I’m very vocal about it.

You can’t buy Motobrewer beers anywhere (yet) but if you ask me nicely maybe I’ll give you some. Check him out here.

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