Working in New Jersey

Working in New Jersey

I’m spending two weeks with our awesome colleagues at the IDT Lakewood office in central New Jersey. Long days at the office — sweat, deadlines, bugs crushed and tickets being closed one at a time, and takeout burritos consumed in the office while listening to the rain hammering the roof and flooding the parking lot. Hard work doesn’t go smoothly without the right beverages, though. While release engineering processes are usually carried out by adults during office hours, fuelled by legal caffeine sources, late night R&D often asks for maltier drinks.

One doesn’t simply walk to a grocery store in New Jersey and buy beer, like back home. Grocery stores don’t have beer in New Jersey. Also, one doesn’t walk anywhere in suburban New Jersey, except across the parking lot. The beer store closest to my hotel is just across the road… I started up my rented Chrysler, and a few miles and Jersey jughandles later, I ended up in the Wine Academy store and sampled their beer shelves. I bought a sixpack of Chinookie IPA brewed by the Full Pint Brewing Co in North Versailles, PA. The selection was based on the funny picture on the label (and the label saying it’s beer).

Lacking the expertise and vocabulary of a true beer connoisseur, I can only state that the beer was really good and I enjoyed it. It tasted refreshingly hoppy, but not in a completely bitter and sour way as some hoppier IPAs do. After returning from the drive to Wine Academy I opened a bottle, continued working, and after some time the beer had vanished without too many thoughts spent contemplating the exact nature of the taste. Luckily, it was a sixpack.

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