Tongerlo Blonde

Tongerlo Blonde

I hear you.  What on earth is a Belgian doing in Florida?  Riding your bike as a flatlander and only drinking pale-looking beers?  Not quite.  Rule #1: Always make sure your beer is Belgian. Rule #2: I don’t really know, but just make sure your beer is Belgian.  So, we make sure the crème de la crème of our tasty fermented favourites are shipped over…often enough for my cycling friends to have their necessary recovery drinks.

Tongerlo WBA

One of these favourites is definitely Tongerlo Blonde.  Chosen as the “world’s best beer” in the 2014 World Beer Awards, it boasts an award winning heritage.   It is an authentic abbey ale, brewed following the age-old tradition of the White Canons of Tongerlo.  Brewery Haacht has taken over the brewing part in 1990, but they are still brewing this beer according to the monks’ centuries’ old recipe. Other beers in the Tongerlo range include the award winning beer Tongerlo Prior.

Tongerlo Blonde has a blond, coppery colour and a white, creamy head. It has a full and smooth flavour with hints of honey and a soft, flowing aftertaste.  With an alcohol content of 6.0%, it is easy to drink…at least a few.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking for an introduction to the world of our abbey beers or if you’re a more experienced beer connoisseur, the Tongerlo Blonde will definitely be a beer you’ll enjoy, and remember.

Oh, and don’t drink 5 and ride your bike.

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