Friday Flights

Friday Flights

It’s a warm sunny day here in Chico, CA, which is conveniently, the home of Sierra Nevada Brewing company. That calls for a beer… or 4.

With almost 20 beers on draft and even more in the bottle it’s really hard to decide where to start, luckily Sierra Nevada sells flights. Choosing four beers is much easier then one, and with 2 of us we got to pick 8 (pro tip: always have a friend willing to share!).

Flight number 1:

  • Kellerweis this is a great beer for warm “summer” days! Light with plenty of classic heff flavors of cloves and yeast with a slight banana scent.
  • Otra Vez a tangy, fruity Gose beer. It’s rather sour but not too extreme, I’m a fan!
  • Snow Wit this is a white IPA made with 7 varieties of dwarf hops (ha ha). It is a nice mix of a wit and a IPA without a lot of hoppiness and bit of a citrusy, yeasty flavor.
  • Ovila Abbey Quad with Plums – wow, that’s a lot of beer! With a sweet and boozy taste this is almost like a port. A bit too much for me, at 10.2% I’m really glad the serving size was tiny.

Flight number 2:

  • Old Chico Brand Crystal Wheat is the lightest beer we drank. It’s an American style Wheat beer, it’s light and fresh. Easy to drink.
  • Harvest Wild Hop IPA Neomexicanus Varietal I’m generally not an IPA fan and this is not a beer I would have selected but I am glad I tried it. It had fruity aroma and a bitter hoppy flavor. The Neomexicanus hop is 100% native the United States.
  • Narwhal Imperial Stout, the was my favorite. It’s a rich black stout with slightly bitter chocolate flavors and a lovely creaminess
  • Big Foot Barleywine, Barleywines are hit and miss for me. This is a big strong beer and a very pretty dark amber color. It’s a bit sweet and malty with some bitter hoppiness and certainly has that boozy kick common to Barleywines. (9.6% ABV)

Overall it was great evening out – good food, amazing beer and a beautiful brewery. If you are ever up in Chico I highly recommend checking it out, and certainly go for a tour of the brewery! I’ve seen lots of breweries in my day and this one was pretty spectacular.

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